Elysian Fields

Short Description

Inspired by the sacrifices made by generations preceding us and expanding upon an exploration of World War II, Elysian Fields fuses fantastical and historical into a surreal reconfiguration of the present.

Director’s Statement

Imagined as an infinite loop, the story weaves in and out from an inevitably doomed air chase, into death, afterlife and resurrection, only to arrive at a surreal space of a parallel dimension. Conceived as the cutting of narrative out of painting and a transformation into the logic and continuity of the dreamspace, the concrete and explicit representation melts out into a fragile complex whole: the marvelous entangled conjunction of displaced moments in time where ephemeral experiences and verbal explanation are inadequate.

Composed of unstable fragments, the tightly woven imaginary figurative environments constantly dissolve and shift. Relentlessly pursuing each other fighterplanes plunge from night to day connecting floating shores and suspended seascape horizons of the Above and the Below, signifying the realm of life and death. The time space spins an oily black night-time shore and a washed-out haze of early dawn into alchemical vision where “What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above”. Fields of poppy flowers dissolve into sleep, peace, and death. In the inferno of the afterlife the fighter is looking in and looking out from the circular gates of hell shaped as a fiery hole in the black ground, the fire the centre of the earth the reference to our own being.

Film Title: Elysian Fields
Director: Ina Conradi Chavez
Duration: 10:50 minutes, Stereoscopic 3D animation
Genre: War, Experimental, Surreal
Film Website: http://www.elysianfieldsfilm.com/



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