The Silver Ghosts

THE SILVER GHOSTS is a film-noir musical shot in multi-camera as live with 5:1 sound track. In the style of German Expressionism, the plot includes showbiz, betrayal and embezzlement. The viewer is two timing Lucy (the lead singer), who glimpses this infidelity. This sets up a charged performance with consequences for the viewer. The film explores how 3D stereoscopic can be used as an integral part of the storytelling. One of the most significant camera set-ups is from the spectator’s perspective: the viewer therefore becomes essential to the narrative, ergo, one of the main central characters.

Short Film Noir Musical, GB 2014, 3D

Directed by: Caroline Orme
Producer: Martin Uren
Director of Photography: John Livesyey
Stereographer: Caroline Orme, Martin Uren
length: 9 min



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