Edgar Gonzalez

Curriculum Vitae

Edgar Gonzalez is a founder and director of 3D FILM & MUSIC FEST BARCELONA, which is the only festival in the world specializing exclusively on Stereo 3D Music productions.  
 For more than 25 years Edgar has worked in many film and TV productions, for instance: BBC World (Earth Report series), ITV (The Pope John Paul II), Channel 4 (Maradona, Argentinean footballer), Carlton Food Network (Feasts of the world), Discovery (promos for SKY TV), NASA/ESA TV (European astronauts lives), Pinewood and Shepperton Studios (The Tailor of Panama, The Adventures of Pinocchio).
He is passionate about the sea and filming underwater. He has travelled and filmed the world extensively. One day he is dancing with the Maasai in Kenya, the other - living with Shinto priests in Japan, swimming with whales in Baja California or chasing drug dealers with the police in Manchester, England, and then interviewing the President of Colombia in Bogota.
Since 2010 Edgar works on 3D productions - awarded short films, music videos, promos, 3D live events and football matches in Barcelona . Since 2012 he is working in the organization of Dogville, 3D Film Festival and 3D Symposium in Viladecans and in the overall setup of 3D Film & Music Fest in Barcelona.
He is building a network of 3D festivals worldwide and has been invited as a guest speaker to related festivals and events in Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and United Kingdom.

You can reach him by e-mail edgar@3dfilmusic.com