Kathleen Schröter

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2007 Kathleen Schroeter is working for the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute, which is known for it's work on 3D technology development. Starting as organizator of international trade fairs for "Fraunhofer HHI's" Image Processing Department, in 2009 she switched to the internal consulting area for "Fraunhofer" and helped as managing project for building new structures for "Fraunhofer-Marketing-Netzwerk". Finishing as the project co-ordinator she moved on to "Fraunhofer's" newly formed "3D Innovation Center" as it's Executive Manager in early 2011.

Earlier she worked in the field of Regional Broadcasting in Berlin, Germany and Event Management in Sydney, Australia.

Kathleen Schröter was head of the jury for the short film and documentary film competition at the BEYOND Film Festival 2013.