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I was a bourgeois painter, then a progressive painter, and then no longer a painter, but just a worker in the pictures.” Paul Yederbeck (1965–2001)

In the framework of “Potsdam 2011 – City of the film”, under the fictional pseudonym or heteronym “Paul Yederbeck” Frank Geßner staged the polystylistic “Expanded Cinema Animation” ALIAS YEDERBECK. The large-scale cinematographic installation intertwines elements of the visual arts with media art and film, video, animation, and sound in a metafictional performance. The “auto-(author-)constructs” of the painting cycle TESTS SANS FIN and the associated multimedia archive material form the basis of twelve nonlinear panoramatic movies: Entertainer, Flaneur, Spectator, Actor, Dissolution, Projection, Anima Techne, Transcendental Animation, Happy End, Doppelganger, Reminder, The End (12-channel video) and the artist video QU'EST-CE QUE MONSIEUR TESTE? (1-channel video).

This hybrid artistic research project was released as a virtual/interactive installation on DVD by RE:VOIR Paris in 2014. The virtual 3D model is not a replica of the original panorama, but rather the cross media intersection for a planned ALIAS YEDERBECK_2.0 project. More information:

Virtual cinematographic panorama installation and shortfilm, D 2014

conception, written, and directed by: Frank Geßner

producer: Atelier Berlin Production / Frank Geßner, Film University Babelsberg (HFF Konrad Wolf)

duration: 89 min


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