All Inclusive

´What’s your job?`, ´who are you?`… perhaps those questions are actually the same? In any case they often lead up to the same answer: ALL INCLUSIVE is about loss and compensation of identities, a black-and-white cannibal drama which chronicles the vicissitudes and alternation of Miss Ambra, a work-addicted hotel manager vowed to the pleasure of sacrifice. Always efficient, competitive and needful, she abdicates in favor of her job, up to the point where she literally gets rid of all her colleagues, to finally turn herself into the hotel she is working in.

Fiction, I 2010, 3D

written and directed by: Nadia Ranocchi & David Zamagni
production: Zapruder filmmakersgroup, Steirischer Herbst, Leonardo Monti
director of photography: Monaldo Moretti
stereography: Monaldo Moretti, David Zamagni
duration: 67 min



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