10.10. and 11.10.: 19:30 - 21:30
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MUTation is an interactive audiovisual installation located in the transitional space named "Fuge" between the stories and staircases of the HFM Karlsruhe's MUT building.

The minimalistic architecture is modulated by expansive video projections and sound compositions. The spectator walks through a spacially distributed installation, where he's able to influence the visual appearance and activity via mobile or to watch choreographed audio-visual movements, which uses the multilevel "Fuge" as additional architectonic quality to detach the impression of plane projections into a focus of their spacial arrangement and to find and explore new principles of interaction. While the installation can be watched and heard via the two upper stories, the content can be influenced by mobiles and distributed light objects. The spectator is released from his passive role by egomotion and participation.

MUTation was developed from a workshop with students of the IMWI under the direction of Alexander Stublic and in cooperation with the HfG Karlsruhe within the framework of the 3D alliance.

production: Benjamin Graf, Matthias Meyer, Martin Widyanata and Mathias Hauck




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