André S. Brößel

Curriculum Vitae

André has more than 27 years of diverse experience in management, design, and technology, with an emphasis on complex technological requirements. He is passionate about kinetics, combinatorics and simple aesthetics. Design is his driving force, and he is happy to let the impact of his work be defined by future generations. With his background in both architecture and management, Andre has broad experience of how technology is changing our habitat and generating new visions for design. His traditional degree in architecture was paired with a student award, “Arbeitswelten der Zukunft“ (Working Worlds in the Future), in recognition of his "science-fiction thesis" and his vision of how humans might better structure their built environments to cooperate with nature - to provide for, rather than steal from, our future.

André's professional interest in patent rights began during his time at university. His work in architecture paired beautifully with his inventor's mind for technology,  and resulted in an inventor's life, one that balances a strong design aesthetic with scientific research. This balance has been key to optimizing and analyzing the interaction between the idea and the marketplace. Past projects with real-world results have ranged from the invention of a secure safe bicycle light (Reflux) and a collaboration with the Eduard Soler technology center foundation in Catalunya to facilitate the progress of rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM, and assembly. This experience will be in his favor as he introduces his new solar concentration technology to the world.

André's portfolio includes a wide variety of collaborations with architects for competitions and visualizing architectural simulations (rendering and animation). He founded "Renderfields" in 2008, after a long term collaboration as a 3D planner with the Paris-based architect Jean Nouvel.

André S. Brößel is the Founder and Director of "Rawlemon Solar Architecture" (Rawlemon, Ltd), a company developing next generation solar energy concentration modules for full building skin integration.

André lives in Barcelona with his daughter and son.