Dale Herigstad

Now living in London, Dale Herigstad spent 30 years in Hollywood as a Creative Director for motion graphics in TV and film. His mission has been to apply the principles of rich media design to interactive experiences. He began designing interfaces for Television more than 20 years ago, and was a founder of Schematic, which grew and merged with other digital agencies to form the global agency POSSIBLE.

Dale has developed a unique spatial approach to designing navigation systems for various screen contexts. The work blurs the line between Television, Games and Web, a concept he calls "New Television". He was a part of the research team that conceptualised digital experiences in the film “Minority Report,” and is now leading development in gestural navigation for screens at a distance. Screens have always defined unique spaces, and with advancements in stereo 3D projection and new AR, information can occupy these spaces. Spatial context is becoming increasingly important in screen design. Virtual space and place are new frontiers of design.

He has an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, where in 1981 he taught the first course in Motion Graphics to be offered to designers in the United States. He served on the founding advisory board of the digital content direction at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, and also was an active participant in the development of advanced prototypes for Enhanced TV at the AFI for many years. Dale has 4 Emmy awards.

More recently, Dale co-founded the company SeeSpace, which will deliver its first product, inAiR, later this year. InAiR places dynamic Web content in the space in front of the Television, perhaps the first Augmented Television experience.