Manfred J. Pauli

Manfred J. Pauli, born 1965, studied electrical engineer in Aachen. He works at the COIL CoInnovation-Lab of SAP SE headquarters in Walldorf. After career steps at companies like Vodafone and IBM he today heads the SAP-project “The Helix”, in which a technological platform for immersive and interactive collaboration spaces was generated. The engineer first joint the research department of SAP where he set up and ran the Karlsruhe based Future Energy Center. With ‘The Helix’, the FEC went into the cloud and can be experienced globally now at different locations. Manfred J. Pauli is an accomplished project manager, business developer and innovation manager. His broad cognition spreads areas like mobile systems, audiovisual presentation concepts and methods, home and facility automation, etc.. 

He is sure that an established basic knowledge can by adoption of insight from completely different – even non technical – areas of interest be transformed into the best and most innovative solution concepts for any problem.




SAP was challanged by the need to make the supposedly dry subject of business software tangible in a new, better way. At the same time, the balancing act between virtualization (to avoid unflexible physical installations) and precious personal contact to customers and partners had to be managed. This goal could be reached by implementing the presentation and collaboration platform “The Helix”, where visitors are “hijacked” into a place analogous to Erich Kästner’s “Flying Classroom”. They are set into the context of the topic of discussion and meet respondents from all over the world. The usage of stereoscopic 3D helps here to span distances and harmonize the contradiction of virtuality and better personal interaction. In his keynote, Manfred J. Pauli, director in SAP SE’s CoInnovation Lab, will explain in detail how that was managed.