Joséphine Derobe

Curriculum Vitae

Joséphine discovered stereoscopy doing pictures for Alain Derobe in 2005. In love at first sight with the live stereoscopic pictures, she learned during years, then shared with her father the 3D Natural Depth Method - the "Derobe Method". She tries to enhance and develop this method and philosophy to explore the stereoscopic 3D as an artistic medium.

For nine years she works as a stereographer, director of stereoscopy and 3D consultant for French and European 3D projects, mainly feature films, but also other formats like short films, documentaries, art installations and student films.

Currently she works as a director of stereography with "New Road Movies" and Wim Wenders on two projects: Wim Wenders’s upcoming feature film "Everything Will be Fine"  (with James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Rachel Mac Adams) and "Cathedrals of Culture" -  a 3D architectural series, 6X26min for TV and cinema with six buildings & six directors (Wim Wenders, Robert Redford, Karim Ainouz, Michael Glawogger, Michael Madsen, Margareth Olin).

Since 2009, Joséphine Derobe develops also her own 3D projects as a writer-director.  Her two finished shorts films were screened at many selections and won prizes on international festivals. "Diary of a Fridge" (2011, 8 awards) and "Forget me Not" (2013, 11 awards) with a 3D audio version.

Furthermore, she gives lectures, conferences and workshops about 3D as an alternative cinematographic language. Also, since 2013 she is an active consultant for the "Cross Channel Film Lab" (CCFL) .