Petra Fastermann

Curriculum Vitae

MA (University of Toronto, Canada)

Petra Fastermann is an author, managing director of Fasterpoly GmbH in Krefeld. Since she read an article about 3D printing in the british weekly magazine „The Economist", she is fascinated by the technology.

2010 was the year of founding the "Fasterpoly GmbH" as a 3D printing service in Dusseldorf. In year 2011 she was phraised with the award of "Entrepreneurs Letter North Rhine-Westphalia" for the start-up company "Fasterpoly". In year 2012 came her book publication (in German): "3D printing/rapid prototyping: A future technology - concisely explained". Only a year later in January came another book publication (in German): "The makers of the third industrial revolution: The Maker Movement". 2013: "Fasterpoly" moves from Dusseldorf to Krefeld. February 2014: Book publication (in German): "3D printing – How additive manufacturing works".

Author on regular basis makes Internet articles on 3D printing (FasterBlog on and Petra Fastermann’s column: How 3D printing is changing the world on www.3d-print