Angus Cameron

The Evolution of Post Conversion

Post conversion is a valuable tool within the 3D industry and has evolved significantly in the past decade. From troubled beginnings the technology and quality has greatly improved.

The focus has been on technology but it is the creative element and integration with native 3D photography which is essential for a successful future. It is important to provide filmmakers the toolset and understanding to produce great 3D movies that will engage and immerse audiences and most importantly support the narrative.

Angus Cameron, Stereographer at Vision3, has worked on several conversion projects and has witnessed first-hand the evolution in the industry. Angus examines the challenges of the medium, its place within the industry and the importance of the creative process to produce the best 3D experiences.


Curriculum Vitae

With nearly 25 years of industry experience in VFX, post production and stereography, Angus has worked on over 60 projects in features, broadcast and commercials. His wealthy international experience has made him supervising projects in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Angus co-founded "Vision3", a professional stereo 3D company, with Chris Parks in 2008. He has worked on both 'native stereo' and 'post conversion films' including early conversion tests on ‘King Kong’ for Peter Jackson. He supported the VFX facility Cinesite on conversions for ‘John Carter’ and ‘WWZ’ and co-supervised conversion shots with Chris Parks on ‘Gravity’.

More recently Angus co-supervised the stereography on ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Jupiter Ascending’ for Warner Brothers. This also involved building a small facility within "Vision3" to oversee the supervision and the creation of a powerful proprietary management system ‘Thera’ to track, review and deliver the 3D version of the film. Angus has worked closely with a variety of DI (Digital Input) and VFX (Visual Effects) companies ensuring the seamless integration of CGI into stereo captured images. This was highlighted with the BAFTA award for ‘Natural History Museum Alive’ documentary (Sky), ‘Inside the Mind of Leonardo’ (History Channel) and the BAFTA awarded ‘Flying Monsters 3D’ (Sky).

Angus was also post stereographer on a variety of 3D projects including ‘TT3D: Closer to the Edge’ (CinemaNx), ‘BBC Olympic Idents’ and commercials for Panasonic, Sony, Philips, Samsung and Audi.