Caroline Orme

Curriculum Vitae

MSc 3D Stereoscopic Media, PGCE, BA (Hons) in Fine Art.

Senior Lecturer in Editing and Post Production and Researcher at Ravensbourne, Caroline Orme has more than eighteen years’ experience in post-production, specialising in offline and online editing and colour grading for both - broadcast and film. As an editor her work has been featured over twenty-five UK, European and International Film Festivals.

Since starting the MSc in 3D Stereoscopic Media, Orme as a Director, Stereographer and Editor has created four pieces, paying attention to details, starting from the premise of the story and where to position the viewer – in the middle of the action or aside. She is fascinated by the idea of taking the viewer on a journey and believes that 3D stereoscopy is like sculpting with space.