Luis Perez-Bayas

Curriculum Vitae

After a full training in Neurology and a cursus in Neuroscience, I specialized in Psychiatry, as well as in clinical Sexology, Hypnosis and Gestalt therapy. I have been practicing as a psychiatrist for over 15 years, with a focus on the “body/mind” interaction. I also collaborate with physicists and psychoanalysts on a quantum physics research on group dynamics.

I discovered and started filming in Stereoscopic 3D more than 30 years ago with handmade material. I completed my 3D practical filming experience with full cursus in filmmaking/cinematography as well as in neurology/neuroscience (3D-visual and auditive perception) and psychiatry/human emotions to further explore and develop the potential and possibilities of the S3D.

I am now trying to combine and integrate it all in one creative world, by putting together the perceptual, the technical and the artistic aspects when filming in S3D. My ultimate goal is to convey a powerful, real-life and immersive S3D emotional experience to the audience.

Immersion and emotion, that is what S3D is all about, indeed!


Emotions & 3D Stereoscopy (S3D) – Let it Be

The perception of the audio-visual stereoscopic 3D space and one’s own emotions are intertwined and affect each other.

When filming in S3D, one should take into account the depth cues and respect the consistency of, and between, the parameters and natural properties of both our spherical binocular visual system and our brain. This is essential to enable the viewer to immerse himself in a unique and ”non contradictory” perceptual and emotional journey.

S3D filmmaking thus requires a radical paradigm shift and the development of a new cinematographic language and spirit to actually make S3D fully alive.